Integrating Treck

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Table of Contents

Now that you have a basic understanding of TCP/IP and the Treck Systems, you are probably wondering how to integrate Treck protocols into your system. You have looked at the product and discovered there are many files and API's that you may have to deal with. To aid you in your integration effort, we will break this task down into several key elements:

  1. Preparing for Integration
  2. Compile Time Macros
  3. Building the Library
  4. Creating a Kernel Interface
  5. Hooking in the Timer
  6. Before Running the Code
  7. Testing the Library
  8. Using Ethernet or PPP
  9. Adding a Device Driver
  10. Testing the Device Driver
  11. Data Cache Management
  12. Stopping the Treck Stack

If we have some or all of these elements setup for you, you will (of course) be able to skip some of these steps. In our design, we have made every effort to help the integration process be as simple as possible.

Note Note: Don't be overwhelmed by what looks like a lot of work for you to do. Most of these steps can be performed in one or two days. You will find that you will spend most of your time in the place where the hardware meets the software (the device driver). Just go through these steps and take them one at a time and you will have the integration completed before you know it.

Table of Contents