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#include <trsocket.h>

int tf6AddMcastRoute (
ttUserInterface interfaceId,
struct sockaddr_storage * mcastAddressPtr,
int prefixLen,
int flags

Note Note: You MUST define TM_6_USE_MCAST_ROUTE in your trsystem.h file for this function to be available.

Function Description

This function is used to add an IPv6 multicast route associating a specific IPv6 multicast destination address with a specific outgoing interface. Normally the prefixLen parameter is set to 128.


  • interfaceId
    The interface ID to use to add this routing entry. Identifies the outgoing interface to use for packets sent to the multicast destination address specified by mcastAddressPtr.
  • mcastAddressPtr
    The multicast destination address to add the route for.
  • prefixLen
    The prefix length for the route. Normally, this will be 128 signifying a host route. This means that there must be an exact match of the packet destination address with mcastAddressPtr for this route to be used to send the packet.
  • flags
    Currently unused.


    interfaceId is an invalid interface ID.
    The interface specified by interfaceId is not configured.
    mcastAddressPtr is not a valid IPv6 multicast address.
    The multicast route already exists.

Table of Contents >> IPv6 Programmer's Reference