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Table of Contents >> IPv6 Programmer's Reference

#include <trsocket.h>

int tf6AddressToIpv4Compat (
ttUserIpAddress inIpv4Addr,
struct sockaddr_storage * outIpv6AddrPtr

Function Description

This function only supports IPv6. This function converts an IPv4 address into an IPv4-compatible IPv6 address, typically for use with automatic tunneling.


  • inIpv4Addr
    IPv4 address to convert.
  • outIpv6AddrPtr
    Pointer to converted IPv4-compatible IPv6 address. The memory that this points to must be allocated by the caller, i.e. a local variable in the caller’s address space.


  • 0
    One of the following:
  • Invalid IPv4 address specified. IPv4 address must be global unicast address.
  • outIpv6AddrPtr was NULL.

Table of Contents >> IPv6 Programmer's Reference