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Table of Contents >> Optional Protocols >> DHCPv6

#include <trsocket.h>

int tf6DhcpSetAddrOption (
ttUserInterface interfaceHandle,
int iaIndex,
int addrIndex,
const struct in6_addr * ipv6AddrPtr,
ttUser32Bit reqPreferredLifeTime,
ttUser32Bit reqValidLifeTime,
int flags

Function Description

Set user-preferred addresses as well as the preferred and valid lifetimes of the address. The server is not required to honor these requests.


  • interfaceHandle
    Handle to the interface on which to set the address options
  • iaIndex
    IA index on this interface. Currently, only one IA is supported per interface, and this value must be set to 0
  • addrIndex
    0-based index of the DHCPv6 address for which to set the options. By default, 4 addresses are supported per IA
  • ipv6Addr
    User-requested IP address
  • reqPreferredLifeTime
    User-requested Preferred Lifetime, in seconds
  • reqValidLifeTime
    User-requested Valid Lifetime, in seconds
  • flags
    Currently unused


    Invalid parameter
    DHCPv6 not started (tf6UseDhcp() must be called first)

Table of Contents >> Optional Protocols >> DHCPv6