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#include <trsocket.h>

int tf6GetDefaultGatewayTunnel (struct sockaddr_storage * endpointIpAddrPtr);

Function Description

This function only supports IPv6. This function gets the endpoint IP address of the default gateway tunnel into the user variable pointed to by endpointIpAddrPtr. If there is no default gateway tunnel configured, then this function returns TM_ENOENT.


  • endpointIpAddrPtr
    When this function returns TM_ENOERROR, then the memory that endpointIpAddrPtr points to is set to the tunnel endpoint IP address, which is the IPv4 address of the IPv6 router. The memory that this points to must be allocated by the caller, i.e. a local variable in the caller's address space.


    Default gateway tunnel was found – IP address copied into endpointIpAddrPtr.
    endpointIpAddrPtr is NULL.
    Default gateway tunnel not found.

Table of Contents >> IPv6 Programmer's Reference