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#include <trsocket.h>

int tf6SetRandomInterfaceId (ttUserInterface interfaceHandle);

Function Description

This function only supports IPv6. This function sets a random interface ID per [RFC 3041]. Note that the specified interface must be closed or disabled for use with IPv6 when you call this API. This API can be used to recover from the Duplicate Address Detection failure that could occur when auto-configuring a link-local scope IPv6 address on the interface.


  • interfaceHandle
    Interface handle of an interface that we want to set a random interface ID on.


  • 0
    Invalid interface handle.
    The interface specified by interfaceHandle was open for IPv6, and the IPv6 part was not disabled. This function may only be called on an interface that is closed or that has IPv6 disabled.

Table of Contents >> IPv6 Programmer's Reference