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#include <trsocket.h>

int tfCheckReceiveInterface (ttUserInterface interfaceHandle);

Function Description

This function is used to check if the data is waiting to be received on a particular device/interface. This call can be used in environments where it is preferable to poll the device for received data (i.e. a main loop). If you are using a separate task or thread to receive data, then you should use the tfWaitReceiveInterface() call. The call is used is used in conjunction with tfNotifyInterfaceIsr() and tfRecvInterface() to poll the device driver for received data. Upon a successful return, the user should call tfRecvInterface() to send the data from the device driver to the protocol stack.

Note Note: There must be a one to one correspondence from the number of received packets parameter in tfNotifyInterfaceIsr() to the number of tfRecvInterface() calls.


  • interfaceHandle
    The interface handle to poll to see if data needs to be received from the device driver.


    There is data waiting in the device driver to be received (the driver has called tfNotifyInterfaceIsr()).
    There is no data waiting to be received from the device driver.

Table of Contents >> Programmer's Reference