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#include <trsocket.h>

void * tfDeviceGetPointer (ttUserInterface interfaceHandle);

Function Description

Call tfDeviceGetPointer() in any device driver function, to retrieve the pointer to the device specific structure allocated, and stored (with the tfDeviceStorePointer() API) in the device driver open function.


This macro has the same functionality as tfDeviceGetPointer(). It allows the user to avoid a function call in order to get the device driver pointer. In that case the following header files need to be included:

#include <trsocket.h>
#include <trmacro.h>
#include <trtype.h>
#include <trproto.h>
#include <trglobal.h>



  • Non-zero (void *)
  • NULL (void *)
    No pointer was stored on the interface.

Note Note: See also tfDeviceClearPointer() and tfDeviceStorePointer().

Table of Contents >> Programmer's Reference