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#include <trsocket.h>

ttUserMessage tfGetAlignedZeroCopyBuffer (
int size,
int alignment,
char ** dataPtrPtr

Function Description

This function is used to get an Aligned Zero Copy Buffer. This buffer can then be used with tfZeroCopySend() and tfZeroCopySendTo() for zero copy send functions. This is a TRUE zero copy if the device driver supports DMA sending.


  • size
    The size of the buffer to be used for the zero copy.
  • alignment
    The alignment for the buffers. Buffers will be aligned on multiples of this value.
  • dataPtrPtr
    Pointer to a pointer that is the beginning of the user’s data area. This is where the user can store the data to be sent.


  • (Non-null ttUserMessage)
    The Aligned Zero Copy buffer
  • (ttUserMessage)0
    Failure. tfGetAlignedZeroCopyBuffer will fail if there is insufficient user memory available to complete the operation.

Table of Contents >> Programmer's Reference