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#include <trsocket.h>

char * tfGetDriverBuffer (
ttUserBufferPtr userBufferPtr,
int length,
int alignment

Function Description

This function is used to get a buffer from the Treck buffer pool for the user to use for a device driver. It is not required for a user to use the Treck buffer pool (i.e. this function) because some devices may not support it.


  • userBufferPtr
    A pointer to a ttUserBuffer variable that the user buffer handle is stored into.
  • length
    Number of bytes to be allocated by the system.
  • alignment
    The returned buffer pointer will be aligned on a multiple of this value.


  • (char *)
    Success. A pointer to the beginning of the data area to store the received data into.
  • NULL
    Insufficient memory to complete the operation.

Table of Contents >> Programmer's Reference