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ttUserInterface tfInterfaceGetFromAddrPhysPort (
ttConstSockAddrStoragePtr sockAddrStoragePtr,
int physPort

Function Description

This function returns an interface handle for the given socket/port combination.


  • sockAddrStoragePtr
    The pointer to a sockaddr_storage structure containing a configured IP address on the queried interface. A NULL pointer can be used to find the first configured interface on the given physPort.
  • phyPort
    The physical port for which the interface handle is to be acquired.


  • ttUserInterface
    This is the interface handle as returned by tfAddInterface().
  • NULL
    Failure: The interfaceHandle does not exist for the given parameters.


There is a one-to-one correspondence between an IP address and the physical port/interface combination. This function returns the interface handle for the given physical port and IP address. For details on Strong End System Model see Appendix C: Strong End System Model / Weak End System Model.