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ttUserInterface tfInterfaceGetFromAddrPortMask (
ttConstSockAddrStoragePtr sockAddrStoragePtr,
ttUser32Bit portMask

Function Description

This function returns the interface handle given a socket/port mask combination.


  • sockAddrStoragePtr
    This is the pointer to a sockaddr_storage structure containing a configured IP address on the queried interface. A NULL pointer can be used to find the first configured interface on the given physPort.
  • portMask
    This is the physical port mask.


  • ttConstSockAddrStoragePtr
    This is the interface handle as returned by tfAddInterface().
  • NULL
    This indicates failure because and interface handle does not exist for the given parameters.


There is a one-to-one correspondence between an IP address, physical port combination and an interface. This function returns the interface handle for the given physical port mask and IP address. For details on Strong End System Model see Appendix C: Strong End System Model / Weak End System Model.