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#include <trsocket.h>

void tfQSort (
void * a,
unsigned int n,
unsigned int es,
ttCmpFuncPtr cmpFuncPtr

Function Description

tfQSort() sorts the array pointed to by a. There are 'n' elements of size 'es' in this array. These elements are sorted according to a comparison function, pointed to by cmpFuncPtr. This function is defined as:

typedef int (* ttCmpFuncPtr)(const void * parmPtr1,
                             const void * parmPtr2);

This function should take the two parameters, parmPtr1 and parmPtr2, and should return 1 if the first element is greater than the second, 0 if they are equal or -1 if the first element is less than the second.


  • a
    Pointer to the array to be sorted.
  • n
    Number of elements in the above array.
  • es
    Size of each element in the array.
  • cmpFuncPtr
    Pointer to the function used to compare array elements.

Table of Contents >> Programmer's Reference