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#include <trsocket.h>

void tfSendCompletePacketInterface (
ttUserInterface interfaceHandle,
ttUserPacketPtr packetUPtr,
int devDriverLockFlag

Function Description

This function is used to notify the stack that send has completed for a given frame, so that the stack can remove it from the device send queue, and free it. If the device driver copies the packet before attempting the send, it is permissible to call this routine from the context of the send, otherwise, it must only be called after the device had actually sent the packet.

Note Note: Use tfSendCompletePacketInterface() instead of tfSendCompleteInterface() when the device driver transmits the frames out of order.

tfSendCompletePacketInterface() can only be used in conjunction with the single device driver send call per frame. (See tfUseInterfaceOneScatSend() and TM_USE_DRV_ONE_SCAT_SEND.)


  • interfaceHandle
    The interface handle of the device to process the send complete.
  • packetUPtr
    Indicates which frame in the device send queue needs to be dequeued and freed.
  • devDriverLockFlag
    Indicates from where tfSendCompletePacketInterface() is called. See below.


    tfSendCompletePacketInterface() is being called from the device driver.
    tfSendCompletePacketInterface() is being called from a send task or from the main loop.

Table of Contents >> Programmer's Reference