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#include <trsocket.h>

ttUserS32Bit tfStrToL (
const char TM_FAR * nptr,
char TM_FAR * TM_FAR * endptr,
int base

Function Description

This function converts a string to a signed integer.

Example: If a string containing "1234" was passed to tfStrToL() it would return the long integer 1,234.


  • nptr
    Pointer to the string being converted.
  • endptr
    Pointer to a pointer in which the function will return the address of the first non-convertible character.
  • base
    The base of the number system being used. For example: 2 for binary, 10 for decimal, etc.


  • ttUserS32Bit
    A signed ttUser32Bit containing the number represented by the string.

Table of Contents >> Programmer's Reference